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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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manner of 49er gear. they're happy, colorful, hopeful. just a little bit of friendly rivalry out there as the fans meshed together in the masses to get through security and into the superdome, but inside right now, a lot of heads are hung. but the game is not over, and i'm going to quote my dad, when his team is down and saying, plenty of time. plenty of time. we got a whole half. if that makes any sense. and the halftime show now in effect no doubt very much going to be entertaining for the 49ers. when i was in there earlier, all of the seats have special little things on them that are part of the halftime show. so that should be interesting. we have this picture to show you as well from a unique 49er fan arriving. i felt like i was maybe out of place in san francisco. it had that kind of vibe. those are the pictures we're tweeting behind the scenes.
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so follow me. there's more to come as this game continues. we'll keep the hope alive. the faithful are staying faithle. >> dan: fingers crossed. >> ama: larry, katie, shu, and wayne, are sending out a lot of great behind the scenes tweets >> dan: we'll follow our team on twitter and facebook for the best up to the minute coverage on and off the field. stay here with us. >> ama: now to san francisco. where tomas roman caught up with some ravens fans. >> dan: some say they fear for their safety and you hate to hear that. >> it's a sad thing, especially on day like today. the owners and operators half dear mom here on 16th street say they lost thousands of dollars in tips and sales and it's all because of a few people who become violent whenever a competing team comes into town for a big game.
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>> more than 200 baltimore raven fans were expected to be inside dear mom in san francisco, cheer on their team. but owners were told the party might be a dangerous idea. >> police officers letting my bosses know there were threats against the bar. they had to shut down today. >> amanda works a tavern in the mission district, which is owned by at the operators or dear mom. the threats're specific and they'ring. >> basically shooting, drive-by shooting and other violence. >> raven fans club posted this cancellation notice on their facebook page friday in part it reads the san francisco police department has heavily urged ravens in the fog and dear mom to cancel the event in light of their concern they cannot guarantee the safety of those in attendance. ryan, who doesn't want his last name used, read the post and has made other plans.
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>> i guess the cops couldn't figure out safety. it's shame that there's people that want to get violent about that kind of stuff. and make threats. >> san francisco mayor ed lee, wearing his 49er colors, says if the police suggested canceling the gathering they had good reason. >> we're going to look after their safety as well. anybody in the ravens local, should feel safe in this town and we'll make sure of that. reporter: we still haven't been able to talk to san francisco police regarding the alleged threats but organizers of ravens in the fog tell -- told us they would not talk to us before or during the game because of the threats. they're also keeping where they are gathered to watch the game a seek dproament -- secret from the media. >> ama: niner fans were in line outside pete's tavern in zap san francisco at 8:00 this morning. >> dan: they were ready. there were 750 people waiting
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for the doors to open at 11:00 a.m. and the crowd reached capacity of a thousand by noon. >> great. we got a good, loyal base of fans that have filled this play up for the whole playoff run, the whole year, and we wouldn't expect anything less. >> ama: san francisco ploiption have asked all the bars on king street to close up right after the super bowl finishes. many bar owners say they'll comply with the request to prevent violence. >> dan: win or lose today, san francisco police say they're ready for any problems that develop after the super bowl. we're right with them tonight. john alston is live in the city with a look at the postgame game plan from police. >> police cars lined up right now outside the command next ready to hit the streets. inside officers are watching the game before the serious work starts for them. more than 100 extra officers will be on the job tonight, trying to prevent the fires and vandalism that occurred after the world series back in october. they're concentrating on the mission district, north beach,
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marine newscast. officers are not going to suit up in protective gear unless there's trouble. also be working with bar owners, asking them not to serve fans who are already drunk. >> we have been listening to the motion radio and already heard officers making checks of bars and other establishments and giving dispatch a discount of the number of persons in the bar, persons in line. so the officers getting out and about in the community. reporter: right now the chief is watching the game at an undisclosed location. tonight he'll be out on the street with his officers, monitoring any potential trouble spots that arise. the police department is coordinating efforts with the mta and fire department. >> ama: now, muni is make something big changes this super bowl sunday to help service run smooth limit buses are not running along market street right now.
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some will be rerouted on to mission street. others will end their route before market street. the passengers should transfer the subway or other routes for service to embarcadero. buss are operating on the f street car line. we'll have a report how the big game is affecting traffic, including cars that were unexpectedly towed. that's hate at 6:00. >> dan: of course, a lot of people, you clurksd perhaps, are i voiding the traffic by watching the game at home. today shoppers rushed to local grocery stores to grab some last-minute items. parking spots were hard to come by. and 49er fans are very excited. >> very excited. my parents -- i'm from the bay area, my parents are long-time niner fans so this is exciting. the last super bowl i watch we wond was probably 1990. >> shoppers said they spent
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nearly 200 bucks on food for their house party today. you can turn to abc7 right after the super bowl to see the celebration. our team in new orleans and the bay area will be live on the air with how niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy as well. >> ama: we have you covered. ahead, remembering a woman who made education history in san francisco. >> dan: a break in the case as police investigate oakland's latest murder. what happened during a street -- >> what it took to get oral kell team u.s.a. sailing this yacht again. >> leigh: what a terrific day it was today. enjoy tomorrow, because rain is returning. we'll take a look at the
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>> dan: new dew details in a shooting that left one person and three injured at a street fair in oakland on friday night. police have arrested the spurted gunman but are not releasing any information until charges are filed. organizers of the event that showcase local artists are meeting with city leaders to discuss security at the event. more than so thousand people attended. >> ama: a woman who broke two barriers in education in san francisco as died. arena akerman was the first woman and first african-american to serve as san francisco school superintendent. she improved student performance but was forced to resign in 2005 amid charges she didn't get along will with parents and teachers. she died yesterday of pancreatic cancer in albuquerque. >> ore kjell team u.s.a. is set to relaunch the racing yacht
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that capsized left year. the wing hulls were damaged fairly severely. repair work has been underway since then, with a new second wing arriving from new zealand last month. tomorrow morning it will be relaurenned from the team base at peer 80 in san francisco. so that team is back in business. >> ama: see how the bay area is showing off its 49ers pride. that's next. >> dan: heading outside, another mild day comes to an end. some weather changes are coming our way. the forecast after the break. >> and abc7 is the only play to watch the oscars on february february 24th. check out our official oscars apple for details on the nominees and to keep track of four rids. it's available for iphone, ipod, android, and the kindle fire. >> hereto what is ahead on world news at 5:30.
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>> coming up tonight, more on the celebrated navy seal, known as america's deadliest sniper, himself now the target of a deadly shooting. >> the five-year-old held hostage with a bunker i
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>> ama: 49er fans are out in force, representing their team. >> dan: we have seen some great shots. sharing your photos with abc7. check out these three fans. doing a little kaepernicking. they're all geeld up -- geared up for a big win. >> and check this out. looking fierce. do share your photos with us. e-mail them to
5:15 pm we're also posting pictures on abc7 news. >> my favorite part of the process has been seeing the pictures. gets your spirit up. let's talk about the weather. absolutely speck tack senior -- spectacular. >> leigh: this morning, everyone was out. walking the dog. it was a delightful morning, and you can see the nice clearing right now. this is from the high definition walnut creek cam looks east toward san francisco. let's look at live doppler 7hd. we started off with low clouds near the coast and the bay. even a little patchy fog. that has since started to move out of here. the reason why we got into a northerly wind component. you can see what happeneds. just pushed the low clouds and fog well off the coast. that will start to move further inland overnight tonight. so it will be kind of gray toronto for your monday morning
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commute. right now temperatures, we had 60 in antioch. 59, livermore. 56 in napa. 54, san francisco. half moon bay, 50. 54 in san jose, clear sky there here is a look at our forecast. we'll continue with those low clouds and a little bit of patchy fog overnight. now, it will be with is tomorrow morning and then we'll look for mid-day clearing. tomorrow looks terrific. enjoy the next couple of days because the weather pattern is going to change by mid-week. the rain will turn on thursday, and looks like a colder air mass will settle in as well. speaking of cold, temperatures tonight, where we do not have the cloud cover, that's where temperatures will start to dip down into the upper 30s, such as the napa valley, santa rosa, san francisco overnight, 45. we'll look at the fog together right near the coast. 38 for half moon bay. 41 for san jose and 37 for livermore. this is the setup. this high has just been sitting
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over the pacific northwest. the jet stream well to the north of us. but things are going to start to change mid-week. this high will stay positioned right over us. so the dry weather pattern will stay with us through wednesday, and then after that, a pretty vigorous cold front developing to the north and west of us and bring us a colder air mass, and does look like rain on thursday. here's a look at our timing for the low clouds. by 5:00 a.m. monday, you'll notice the low clouds pushing in. also out towards the delta. doesn't stay us too terribly long. you can see by 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, plenty of sunshine. so here's your highs, 60s. 58 for san francisco. in east bay, antioch, concord, walnut tarik, danville, oakley. mid-to-low 60s.
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62 for san jose. and manage mid-60s hearding towards morgan hill. 64 for gilroy and 63 for salinas. here's a look ahead to the seven-day forecast. cooling will begin for all of us as we head into tuesday. wednesday the clouds thicken. rain likely for thursday, much colder temperatures by friday morning we might see snow levels down to 3,000 feet so maybe a light dusting and the highest peaks from the 60s to 50s. >> that's a big change. >> ama: rick is here with sports. >> a tough spot the 49ers are in. >> beyoncé put on a really great halftime show. takes some of the edge off. coming up, the stanford men and women's basketball teams were in action this afternoon. and phil mickelson tries to have and phil mickelson tries to have his own(woman) 3 days of walking
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>> u.s. >> case your one of the few not watching the super bowl, at the half the 49ers are losing 21-6. joe flacco has thrown three touchdowns touchdowns and colin kaepernick has complete 8 or 13 passes for 139 yards and an interception. the niners have never lost a super bowl. most lopsided win was in new orleans when they routed denver, 55-10. current san francisco running back coach, scored twice in that contest and takes us on a trip down memory lane. >> it was fun, obviously, a big
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lead at halftime, and having a big lead at halftime, we felt like we were in control of the game, and we were at ease in the locker room. we knew we had control over and it all we had to do is play with energy. and being able to go out with back-to-back super bowl wins would be great. >> after upprocessing oregon, stanford tried to complete a sweep the oregon schools. johnny dawkins says, let's hurry up so we can watch the superbowl. randall, a whacky sequence here. the steal, a behind the back fake and gets rejected. the beavers take it the other way. oregon state by two stanford wins 8 1-73. the cardinal has won three in a row, five of its last seven.
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>> the fourth ranked stanford women wore at corvallis. chiney nnemkadi ogwumike finds greenfield. stanford up by 11 at the half. another big game for ogwumike. her 17th double-doubling this season. stanford wins and improves to 20-2. >> at the phoenix open, phil mickelson was looking to complete a wire-to-wire victory. this event, also more casual than most golf tournaments. caddie races to the green. >> mickelson has been magic cal this week and reads this birdie putt on seven to perfection. put him 25 under war. and brandt snedeker knocks down this birdie on nine. gets him three strokes bat. but no one was catch mickelson. he finished 28 under par, two shy of the pga tour record. he taps in on 18.
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wins the phoenix tournament. next is to be, the at&t open. >> the niners losing at the half, 21-6. >> ama: they're good in the second half when they're down. >> they have been. in atlanta they came back from 17 down. so hopefully colin has at more magic. >> coming up next, at least one local church things divine intervention will play a knoll
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, the plan to protect san francisco from violence tonight is actually angering some residents in one neighborhood. what the city is doing in the mission. plus, all eyes are on new orleans. what will san francisco police chief greg sir do if the niners lose. those stories and moment coming up at 6:00. >> san francisco's grace cathedral showed its support for the niners today. >> the clergy dressed in red and gold vestments during the sunday service, getting interest the team spirit at church. >> the bishop of california has a bet on the game with the bishop of maryland. the winner gets a gift basket and the loser makes a donation to charity. >> didn't know bishops could bet. >> that's a great idea. never thought of that. >> they can get away with it. >> that's right. that does it for us here at
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captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news tonight." the navy s.e.a.l. targeted. known as america's deadliest sniper. he was a champion of returning veterans. gunned down by a fellow vet. tonight the suspect, the investigation and martha raddatz standing by on the bigger question surrounding post-traumatic stress after war.
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is it america's invisible epidemic? the demand. a 5-year-old being held hostage in a bunker. what the suspect now wants and what we're learning about the boy's condition. what his mother now fears most. the scare outside the palace. a terrifying scene in london for tourists at buckingham palace. the man with knives, the police who had to act fast. the super bowl's superstar. which celebrity will win the play off the field? and will anyone ever be able to tackle betty white's moment? >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend says. >> baby! from abc news world headquarters, this is "abc world news" with david muir. good evening. thank you for being here on this sunday night. we begin this evening with that unfolding tragedy, a former navy s.e.a.l., a hero to members of the military. this evening authorities say he was targeted and killed by a fellow veter.


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